Tinley Launches Cannabis Beverages

Tinley Launches Cannabis Beverages

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Tinley Launches Cannabis Beverages

SANTA MONICA, Calif. and TORONTO, April 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. (the “Company” or “Tinley“) (CSE:TNY) (OTC:QRSRF) is pleased to announce the successful launch of its cannabis-infused beverages at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, California this weekend.

Over 800 new members joined the Tinley Collective to purchase and/or sample Tinley products over the course of the three-day event.  Products available included Tinley ’27 Caribbean Spiced Rum, Fireball-style Tinley ’27 Cinnamon Whisky, Italian-inspired Tinley ‘27 Amaretto and a pre-mixed Tinley Lime Margarita cocktail, all alcohol-free, and infused with premium cannabis extract.  Consumers were able to purchase these products straight or on the rocks, or combined with sodas and other popular mixers to create cannabis versions of Piña Coladas and other classic cocktails.

Tinley attended the Cannabis Cup as a non-competing exhibitor, and may seek to enter its products info future competitions in California.  The Company will offer products for sale online directly to California-resident patients, and is making products available to dispensaries throughout the state.

“Cannabis-infused beverages are now emerging as a key consumer trend, fuelled in part by new levels of quality in formulation, and the growing switch from drinking alcohol to medicating with consumable cannabis,” said Jeff Maser, CEO of Tinley. “Leading dispensaries across California expressed interest and  enthusiasm for Tinley’s unique approach to capturing the spirit of classic liquors and cocktails in our line of expertly-crafted, alcohol-free, cannabis-infused creations.”

Additional information on the Company’s products can be found at www.drinktinley.com.

About The Tinley Beverage Company, The Tinley Collective and Hemplify

The Tinley Beverage Company (Toronto, Canada) has developed a line of cannabis-infused beverages for use in jurisdictions throughout North America where such products are permitted.  It is under contract with The Tinley Collective, a California Cooperative Corporation that is engaged in cannabis procurement and distribution within California’s medical cannabis system.  Tinley’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hemplify, Inc. (Santa Monica, CA), manufactures the “Hemplify” line of products. “Hemplify” is a line of fruit-flavored, sugar-free, vegan, drinkable supplements that contain hemp stalk extract. This extract contains terpenes and other phytoconstituents. Each product also contains 9-12x the potassium electrolyte content of major sports drinks, 200mg of Omega 3 and excellent sources of 9 vitamins, including 100% DV of Vitamin C, B12 and D. Hemplify is produced with patented technology designed to elevate absorption into the bloodstream, ensure shelf stability and mask the hemp oil’s taste to deliver delicious, refreshing flavors. The company is selling its Hemplify products in retail locations in California and online throughout the United States.

Forward-Looking Statements


This press release contains or refers to forward-looking information, and is based on current expectations that involve a number of business risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from any forward-looking statement include, but are not limited to, delays in obtaining or failures to obtain required governmental, environmental or other project approvals, political risks, uncertainties relating to the availability and costs of financing needed in the future, changes in equity markets, inflation, changes in exchange rates, fluctuations in commodity prices, delays in the development of projects and the other risks involved in the mineral exploration and development industry. Forward-looking statements are subject to significant risks and uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from expected results. Readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date hereof and the Company assumes no responsibility to update them or revise them to reflect new events or circumstances other than as required by law.

Products and formulations outlined herein are subject to change at anytime.

CONTACT: For further information on The Tinley Beverage Company, please contact:

The Tinley Beverage Company Inc.
Jeff Maser, Chief Executive Officer   
77 King Street West, Suite 2905
Toronto, Ontario  
Canada  M5K 1H1
(310) 507-9146
Twitter: @drinkhemplify
Instagram: @hemplify

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Mrs. Nice Guy

Little known fact: A lot of wrestling fans are avid tokers.

I grew up watching WWF/WWE, it was one of my favorite rituals to enjoy with my pops. Fast forward to me at age 33 and I still can’t get enough! There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching wrestling when I’m baked.

After a nice session I’m always mesmerized by the athleticism the wrestlers possess and the HOLY SHIT moments that always occur. From the elaborate entrances and costumes to the hilariously cheesy/bad acting, weed and wrestling are the perfect tag team.

The other day I was watching Smackdown…stoned of course, when I realized that so many of the finishers could also pass for strain names. I decided to gather up some of the most popular finishers and decided to create my own strains. These are all 100% made up strains and descriptions!


RKO is a sneaky-strong indica that incapacitates you with its viper-like ability to knock you the fuck out. Soon after ingesting you’ll start to feel pain relieving qualities in the neck and body. I felt a numb feeling in my face and my eyes had a heavy pressure that lowered my eyelids until I was knocked out and left for dead. This is definitely a strain you want to smoke at night.

Attitude Adjustment

From 2003 to 2008 before weed-boom, the strain Attitude Adjustment was know as the FU. But as the cannabis industry has grown it’s looking to be taken a little more serious and the name was changed to the AA or Attitude Adjustment. This hybrid strain is a perfect 50/50 that will leave you elevated eliminating any foul mood. Used by many to battle depression and mood swings, you may give you a floaty, invigorating buzz and can also provide mild pain relieving qualities in your back. One of the best things about this strain is its sweet smell reminiscent of the strain Fruity Pebbles.

Superman Punch

The aptly named Super Man Punch is a 100%, super-potent sativa. I really enjoyed the sweet and pungent berry-like aroma it provided, the nugs were also super chunky as if they had their own muscles. I felt a strong surge of energy work through my body, while my head was in a euphoric daze, almost of as if I was punched in the face.

Dirty Deeds

The description is in its name. Dirty Deeds is a delicate strain with an intoxicating floral scent. Some have said that Dirty Deeds makes them feel bubbly until a flood of arousal seeps in, which is perfect when you want to get down and dirty with someone special. I keep this one on hand when I want my inhibitions lowered filled with a flirty, titillating night.


F-5 is a very powerful sativa that smells like straight jet fuel and will shoot you into the sky with an energetic beast-like feeling. I felt unstoppable, like I could conquer anyone and anything, definitely something you want to try before or after a workout with its powerful ability to fight fatigue and pain while also keeping you focused. Think Cinex + Sour Diesel.

Styles Clash

Styles Clash can go either way, like Gorilla Glue #4. While it provides users with a heavy feeling of euphoria and happiness, it can also make you very sleepy when you least expect it, clashing with any plans you may have had. Many use Styles Clash to relieve upper body pain in the chest and midsection.

Blue Thunder Bomb

With part of its genetics from Blue Hawaiian, Blue Thunder Bomb has gorgeous nugs. While the buds are mostly green in color, you’ll notice blue tones woven throughout with sharp orange and red hairs poking out to say HI. Blue Thunder Bomb is a smooth strain with tropical flavors. After smoking some of it the muscles in my back loosened up and I was surrounded by a zen-like aura. Since it tasted so good I kept smoking it and all of a sudden I felt like a bomb went off and I felt an uplifting energy that had me off the rails. I felt super chatty and everything was funny to me.


Sometimes strains can put you in your feelings. Rearview contains a robust fruity scent with soft spicy notes that tingled my nostrils. The buds were so bright I swear they could glow in the dark. It took a bit to kick in, but after 5-7 minutes I was feeling a joyous reminiscent vibe. I started thinking about my life and where it’s taken me, people I hadn’t thought about in years were popping into my head and all the memories I shared with them. They were all happy thoughts! I was in this pleasant cloud of hazy delight that I hadn’t felt in awhile.

Twist Of Fate

This is a newer strain and not much is known of Twist of Fate. From what I’ve been told Twist of Fate is a strong sativa and not something newbies should go too hard on. Twist of Fate has a sweet and pungent diesel smell and it’s buds are very leafy with streaks and purple and an almost silver color. I took a few bong hits an energetic wave take over my body and mind. I was flying through the Twilight Zone until the strength was too much for me and I passed out. When I woke up a few hours later I walked over to my laptop which was still on and I noticed I had done a little writing that made no sense. Words like “Brother Nero”, “broken” amd something about obsession and then the words: DELETE DELETE DELETE! Weird.


This just narrowly made the list! I like to keep strains handy that are good at keeping me focused. Codebreaker is a strain that provides a lively energetic mental buzz that keeps me alert and focused day or night. I like smoking Codebreaker when I’m writing, playing video games, or when I need creative inspiration. I definitely felt a heavy tingly feeling in my head and face. Codebreaker is golden in color and slathered with a coat of shiny crystals and has a nice citrus profile. You definitely can’t go wrong with…IT.

Coup De Grace

I wasn’t going to mention Coup De Grace because the sample I received was small, but I felt like it deserved to be mentioned. Coup De Grace had a nice earthy taste that hit my chest hard like someone was standing on top of me. I felt a bit spacey in the head until my body was in a sleepy trance. This bud definitely hads a sinister look that reminded me of a strain Purple Reign with it’s dark colors and bright pistils.

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GrowPod Provides Peek of Its Sea-Can Solutions

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GrowPod Provides Peek of Its Sea-Can Solutions

CORONA, Calif., April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Grow Pod Solutions (www.growpodsolutions.com), the premier developer of technology-enriched automated farms, educated consumers, entrepreneurs and growers at the High Times Southern California Cannabis Cup, held in San Bernardino.

Grow Pod Solutions developed the world’s most advanced indoor farms, utilizing specially repurposed shipping containers, equipping them with new technologies to produce superior quality crops and higher yields, in a secure, remotely managed and monitored environment with a small footprint that can be located virtually anywhere.

The company provided a sneak peek at the technology incorporated in the new GrowPod CVX – a self-contained, transportable growing environment specially customized for the cannabis industry. Thousands of patrons came through the booth and saw actual plants in varying stages of development.

Grow Pod’s micro lab environments will grow vegetables, herbs and produce of all kinds, as well as cannabis.

The Nation’s Largest Market

GrowPod’s technology works with all kinds of agricultural products and is ideally suited for the California cannabis industry, which is expected to be worth $50 billion, according to Bloomberg.

California is destined to do with cannabis what we’ve done with every other fruit and vegetable, and that’s take half of the national market,” Steve DeAngelo, executive director of Harborside – one of the nation’s largest marijuana dispensaries – told the New York Times.

Scalability and Ease of Acquisition

California voters approved recreational marijuana in November, but lawmakers are still working out regulations, including the question of whether to put a cap on the size of farms.

“GrowPod is the perfect solution for many growers and entrepreneurs,” said George Natzic, President of Grow Pod Solutions. “The cost of entry is remarkably low – especially compared to other forms of farming – and it is fully scalable. Expanding an operation is as simple as picking up the phone and ordering another container,” he said. “Plus, we are the only scalable growing solution that is not affected by weather, seasons, or geography. A GrowPod can go anywhere – from an urban area, to a desert, to the mountains or the coast.”

For information on how to join the GrowPod revolution, call: (951) 549-9490 or visit: www.growpodsolutions.com


Call: (951) 549-9490

Email: info@growpodsolutions.com

Website: www.growpodsolutions.com

Facebook: facebook.com/GrowPodTechnology

Twitter: @GrowPodSolution

Innovation Agency

SOURCE Grow Pod Solutions


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